2023-10-11 15:14:58

Cuban underwater life

Planning your life dreamed vacation has always been the challenging decision for those who travel to the Caribbean. In Cuba the 10 top beaches become even harder to choose from; for those loving the breezy days on the white sand or napping under a palm tree with the sound coming from the ocean together with you family or even alone, any of them fits, for others Varadero, Pilar, Guardalavaca and Esmeralda just sound familiar.

All beaches in Cuba might look the same, white sand, blue and deep water, windy shores, and even low tides can confuse visitors when deciding which is the best. The magnificent tropical weather brings about the perfect match.

For many people Cuba is a advertised as a destination of sun and beach, but if you look a little deeper, diving lessons let fans of the ocean to capture the best images on the marine life. Every year, FOTOSUB and IMASUB Underwater Photograph contests gather together participants from all over the world who share their talent with unique and magic shots from the deepest contour of the ocean.

One of the must-visit is the coral reef that is located around Cuba shores. South or north does not make any difference as in both areas only with snorkelling and mask you can live this experience that is repeatedly there for more than 1,000 square miles of coral reefs the reason why Cuba is home to over one-third of all reefs in the Caribbean.

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