2023-10-06 20:43:00

Segundo Frente: Birdwatching whithin paradise in Cuba

Talking about Cuba can take long, describing the colours and the amazing experiences travellers share on different sites can make it easier for new comers and affordable when you have a wish. Also known as the “Key of the Golf”, Cuba has become a popular destination for holiday makers. It does not matter what you interests are, you will always find it relevant.

One of the most popular activities for nature lovers is Bird Watching with the perfect places located along the island from side to side like Las Terrazas, Topes de Collantes, Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo del Sur, La Guira Park, Sierra de Najasa, Cuchillas del Toa, Vinales Valley, Zapata National Park, Baracoa, Caguanes National Park, Mayajigua lake, Sierra Maestra mountains, and Cristobal Colón and last Segundo Frente area  in the heart of Sierra Cristal which represents a unique natural environment with natural wonders with an extension of two thousand square kilometers of timber forests, pines and bushes that shelters  a fauna composed of bird species such as the royal pitirre, the parrot, the long-tailed hawk, the catey, the banana sijú, the tocororo, nightingale and the swift, as well as other insects and mammals.

In the same area, rising among the bushes the majestic Segundo Frente Hotel, with a quiet and relaxing ambiance. Nearby, the historical site of Biran and the city of Santiago the Cuba all together becomes a privileged spot to enjoy real natural life. Surrounded by typical Cuban roots traditions, visitors are able to share realife experinces with the inhabitants of the area.

It is time to meet up with great moments and memorable places, it is just the right time to visit Cuba!

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